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    Practical benefits of an employee onboarding app for your company

    Today we’re diving into the practical side of employee onboarding apps. If you're looking for ways to streamline your company's onboarding process and improve the overall experience for both HR teams, new hires and remote starters, you're in the right place. In this article, we'll explore what an onboarding app is and how it can bring tangible benefits to your organization.

    What is an onboarding app?

    Before we get into the details, let's take a moment to understand what an onboarding app entails. Essentially, it's a digital tool designed to simplify the onboarding process. The days of endless paperwork and confusing employee handbooks are long gone. With an onboarding app, all the essential information and tasks are consolidated into a user-friendly interface, making the process more efficient for everyone involved.

    Any good employee onboarding app worth its salt will have an administrative end, where HR and other onboarding stakeholders can collaborate to build and deploy a streamlined onboarding process. It will also have a new hire facing portal where recruits can access everything they need in one centralized place, on the go (in other words, on their phones!).


    Benefit 1: An onboarding app helps HR be more productive

    Picture this: your HR team is juggling multiple tasks, striving to ensure a seamless onboarding process while still being present for every new hire. According to research from Taleo, HR professionals without an employee onboarding app spend upwards of 10 hours per new hire on administrative tasks alone. An onboarding app can alleviate some of that burden. 

    By automating and streamlining time-consuming administrative tasks, such as paperwork processing and documentation management, HR teams can redirect their valuable time and expertise towards more strategic and impactful initiatives. Whether it's devising innovative talent acquisition strategies, nurturing a vibrant company culture, or fostering employee engagement programs, the HR team can now play a more active and influential role in driving the organization's success.

    A really great onboarding app will take things one step further, allowing HR to effortlessly monitor the progress of each new hire, ensuring that they receive the necessary support and guidance when they need it most.


    Benefit 2: An onboarding app helps new hires be more engaged

    Joining a new company can be a nerve-wracking experience for new hires. An onboarding app comes to the rescue, providing essential information right when it’s needed, such as digital office tours, directions to the office, info on where to park and virtual introductions to their colleagues pre-start.

    In the age of digital transformation, traditional onboarding methods might not be as effective in engaging tech-savvy new hires. An onboarding app is designed to cater to modern employees who prefer interactive and mobile-friendly experiences. This digital approach fosters a sense of excitement and involvement from the moment your new hire accepts a job offer.

    Gallup's poll highlights that engaged employees are 21% more productive than their disengaged counterparts. An onboarding app plays a role in fostering engagement early. Through interactive training modules and resources, new employees can feel better prepared and more confident in their roles. The app can provide a structured and immersive learning experience, ensuring new hires receive the necessary information and training to excel in their positions.

    Add to this Glassdoor's findings that companies with well-structured onboarding processes improve new hire retention by 82% and an employee onboarding app becomes a no-brainer. By offering a supportive onboarding experience, an app can contribute to long-term employee retention. When new hires feel engaged and valued during the onboarding phase, they are more likely to develop a strong bond with the company and stay committed for the long run.


    Benefit 3: It helps remote new hires feel welcome

    With remote work becoming more prevalent, new hires may feel isolated when starting their roles from home. An onboarding app can bridge the gap between remote employees and their new work environment.

    Buffer's 2023 State of Work report highlights that 23% of remote workers struggle with loneliness. However, with an onboarding app that emphasizes team-building activities and virtual icebreakers, remote new hires can quickly feel more connected despite the physical distance.

    The right employee onboarding app should also facilitate opportunities for real-time interaction with colleagues and managers, making it easier for remote employees to reach out, ask questions, seek guidance, and collaborate effectively despite not sharing a physical workspace.

    With Talmundo, HR can use filters to tailor the experience to each remote worker's needs and preferences. By addressing individual concerns and providing resources customized to an employee's role and department, a sense of care is instilled making remote workers feel like integral members of your organization. This personal touch helps build trust and confidence, setting the stage for a more positive and productive working relationship.

    A good employee onboarding app offers a transformative solution for organizations looking to enhance their onboarding process and create a positive experience for both HR teams and new hires. 

    By streamlining administrative tasks and automating processes, an onboarding app can empower HR professionals to focus on strategic initiatives that drive the organization's success. The right app will foster employee engagement through interactive and mobile-friendly experiences, ensuring new hires feel valued, prepared, and excited about their roles from day one. And benefits extend to remote new hires as well, as onboarding apps bridge the gap between remote employees and their work environment, promoting connectivity and a sense of belonging. 

    In today's digital age, an onboarding app is no longer a luxury but a crucial tool in creating a thriving and welcoming workplace for all.

    Looking for an employee onboarding app that will transform your new hire landscape? Look no further! Talmundo could be the perfect solution for you.

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