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    ManpowerGroup: Human and digital pre- and onboarding in perfect harmony

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    ManpowerGroup UK chose Talmundo to help deliver a game-changing preboarding process for new hires, personalized dependant on division and role. Their use of engaging and interactive onboarding content conveyed through timely notifications inspires a strong sense of belonging and gives managers the confidence to bring new hires on with style. In short, a perfect combination of human and digital harmony that is positively impacting employee retention.


    Company Reach

    80 Countries

    Company Size



    Locations Throughout the UK


    Increase in Retention in the First 6 Months


    Reduction in Non-starters


    Average Onboarding Rating

    ManpowerGroup UK chooses Talmundo

    ManpowerGroup UK chooses Talmundo's onboarding software to deliver an engaging and interactive preboarding process.

    Manpower is one of the largest staffing organizations in the world with over 30,000 employees in 2,700 locations across 80 countries globally. Each year they place over 3 million people into meaningful work.

    Georgina shares her experience of transitioning to Talmundo's digital preboarding solution for operational ManpowerGroup staff.

    Where they were: Consistently inconsistent.


    ManpowerGroup UK had a comprehensive guide for hiring managers on how to care for their new recruit once they had made the job offer, but they had little ability to control or track if and how it was being used.

    They were seeing unusually high numbers of new hires leaving in the first 6 months of employment, and were beginning to experience the impact of the ‘war on talent’ with unemployment levels in the UK hitting their lowest point in 40 years.



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    With our highest area of attrition being with the employees within their first 6 months and the impact of counter-offers after job offers increasing, we couldn’t afford NOT to review the [preboarding] experience.
    Georgina Huntley
    Georgina Huntley
    Head of Employee Career & Development, ManpowerGroup UK

    Where they are now: Human and digital in perfect harmony


    The new ManpowerGroup UK preboarding app guides new hires from the moment they sign their contract, through until their first day on the job.

    It has also been instrumental in driving manager engagement, giving them the confidence to bring onboardees into the business in style.

    Retention rates have risen dramatically and they are seeing big reductions in non-starters after offer.

    The experience is proving to be hit with onboardees too, with the app garnering an average 4.5/5 experience rating within the first 12 months.

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    The whole experience has been enhanced through multiple touchpoints from ManpowerGroup in a perfect combination of human and digital harmony.
    Head of Employee Career & Development, ManpowerGroup UK


    The ask

    After a series of in-house interviews and surveys, ManpowerGroup UK identified that they needed more consistency, increased awareness at an organizational level and stronger communications across the board.

    They wanted to rejuvenate what was already available and re-communicate the new preboarding process to all hiring managers. 

    But without the right technology, none of this was sustainable or realistically scalable with a workforce of 2000 across over 100 locations.

    "We had a great pre-boarding guide for our hiring managers telling them all the things they need to do but rarely were we able to control or track the application of it,” explains Georgina.



    The journey

    Bringing together teams aligned to brands, ManpowerGroup created wish lists based on research from the wider organization. With help from the team at Talmundo, they began tailoring a new hire's experience dependant on the brand, division and role the individual was going into, to make it as personal as possible whilst still offering consistency.

    Insight and expertise from the Talmundo team helped them to map appropriate timelines for both employee and hiring manager, identify which content works best and leverage data and insights to continuously improve the process.

    Over a 6-week period, their preboarding journey was reinvented and molded into the new, ManpowerGroup App!


    The launch

    As of 1st January 2019, all new ManpowerGroup UK employees, at all levels, across all brands, receive access to the new app as soon as they sign their contract.

    The new preboarding app is filled with engaging and interactive content: welcome footage from the ManpowerGroup UK Talent Director, interesting facts, ‘introduce yourself’ video activities, pulse checks, quizzes, thought leadership and much more.

    All content is pushed through timely notifications throughout the individual's notice period and it flexes to ensure that every new recruit gets the same consistent experience.


    Early wins and future goals_

    While it's still early days, ManpowerGroup UK has seen some big wins already. They're looking at a 22% increase in retention, a 37% reduction in non-starters after offer, and an average rating from new hires of 4.5/5 for their digital preboarding experience.


    But they're not stopping there! They check-in regularly with the Talmundo team to review activation and engagement stats, pulse check feedback and to share ideas. From there, new additions and changes are made to ensure that their content is always up to date, accurate, and continuously improving.

    Make key moments in the employee journey count with Talmundo