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    3 HR challenges good employee onboarding software can solve

    Let’s be honest, HR professionals have more than their fair share of challenges in today’s modern workplace.

    Only 49% of organizations actively invest in improving HR management, and with a global average of 1.4 HR staff per 100 employees, it comes as no surprise that HR teams are often overworked and underresourced.

    The good news? Good employee onboarding software can solve many common HR challenges including limited resources, tumultuous stakeholder engagement, and sub-par employee retention.

    The bad news? Around one-third of HR leaders lack proper onboarding technology.

    So, for anyone ill-equipped when it comes to new hire technology, here are three HR challenges that good employee onboarding software can solve, that should help you convince your organization to invest!

    3 HR challenges good employee onboarding software can solve

    Good employee onboarding software actually solves a whole host of HR headaches, but for simplicity’s sake, we’ve boiled things down to 3 key challenges we know almost every HR team the world over faces on a daily basis:


    Low stakeholder engagement

    Good employee onboarding software can help HR connect onboarding stakeholders with ease.

    HR doesn’t operate in isolation. Almost everything they do is reliant on the cooperation of other departments, making communication and connection a big part of the HR task list. Getting buy-in from different stakeholders can be a huge challenge, especially if you’re reliant on more traditional methods of communication to do the job.

    This is even more true when it comes to onboarding. According to research by the Aberdeen group, “best-in-class organizations recognize that in order for onboarding to become effective long-term, HR and recruiting departments should not be the primary owners and need to collaborate with individual employees and business leaders”.

    Good onboarding software can help HR connect stakeholders throughout the entire new hire lifecycle with ease. Most modern, digital onboarding software utilizes a combination of automated tasks, push notifications and targeted emails to give managers, buddies, mentors and other onboarding stakeholders a more active role in the new hire journey.

    Removing the need for HR teams to manually connect with each of these stakeholders will not only save time for the team but also minimize human error, increase cross-department visibility and promote stakeholder accountability.


    Lack of resources

    Good employee onboarding software can help HR minimize hours spent onboarding new hires.

    As we know, HR teams are often under-resourced. With small teams catering to ever-increasing employee pools, working smarter (and not harder) is of the utmost importance.

    Onboarding in particular can be a BIG drain on team resources. According to research from Taleo, HR professionals spend upwards of 10 hours in administrative support per new hire - which makes sense considering the average new hire is assigned 54 tasks throughout their onboarding.

    Good employee onboarding software can reduce the administrative hours required to onboard a new hire by around 70% by automating paperwork, equipment delivery, tedious data entry and more.

    For a medium-sized organization onboarding approximately 1750 people per year, that’s a potential annual saving of more than 12,000 hours.


    Poor employee retention

    Good employee onboarding software can help HR hold onto new employees for longer.

    Employee retention is an HR professional's biggest success metric. And right now, thanks in part to The Great Resignation, it's a tough metric to tackle.

    Onboarding is a make-or-break moment when it comes to holding onto your employees and in fact, 22% of surveyed employees would look for another job if they did not receive a good onboarding experience, with a further 41% admitting they might look elsewhere.

    A formalized employee onboarding programme incorporating software is shown to improve retention with employees who experienced “great onboarding” being 69% more likely to stay with a company for three years.

    Good employee onboarding software that includes preboarding can also decrease non-starters after offer (employees who sign a contract but don’t show up on day 1).

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    Want to see how good onboarding software can help overcome your HR challenges?

    Talmundo’s employee onboarding software solution spans the entire new hire lifecycle from preboarding to integration and beyond. Our powerful platform can help solve your HR challenges through smart automation, interactive modules and experience-led design. 

    Want to know more? Take a look at our employee onboarding timeline to see our software in action!

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