ABN AMRO: Transforming the employee onboarding experience process

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    ABN AMRO chooses Talmundo to unify content for new hires across offices, simplify employee onboarding processes and inspire future brand ambassadors.


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    Who are ABN AMRO

    ABN AMRO serves clients in the retail, private banking and corporate banking sectors. 

    Their primary focus is on Northwest Europe. ABN AMRO offers clients in the Netherlands an extensive and comprehensive range of products and services across a variety of channels, including Mobile and Internet Banking.

    The ABN vision

    ABN AMRO possesses a clear and bold purpose: banking for better, for generations to come.

    The bank’s impact on society and on the economy is tremendous. To ensure their contributions are both positive and enduring they need to make the right choices, starting with their people. Everything ABN AMRO does derives from this purpose: now and in the future.


    ABN AMRO integrates onboarding with Talmundo, transforming its key employee experience processes

    Talmundo has become a crucial part of the wider employee journey, contributing to motivating and inspiring future ambassadors of the brand. 


    Using Talmundo to deliver engaging bite-sized content relevant at each stage of pre- and onboarding allowed ABN AMRO to unify their HR content across different offices and departments, freeing up management for meeting and greeting their new hires in person.

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    We wanted employees to have a WOW moment when they joined ABN AMRO. And with Talmundo we were able to do just that.
    Veronique Remmers
    Veronique Remmers
    Recruitment Marketeer & Scrum Master, ABN AMRO

    The onboarding struggle before Talmundo


    Before ABN AMRO revamped their onboarding process with Talmundo, new hires had widely varying experiences of the ABN AMRO brand and the process was far from efficient. Information was distributed by individual managers, some teams were not very active during the pre-boarding period, some didn’t have any onboarding at all and there was definitely no consistency between offices.


    This led to an inconsistent communication of the organization's values, mission and culture. ABN AMRO knew things needed to change.

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    Our onboarding process before Talmundo did not aim to enrich the employee experience, as it was focused exclusively on admin and logistics, and depended on each manager to execute. Now we make onboarding an experience and engaging journey for all new joiners.
    Wouter Smit
    Wouter Smit
    HR Competence Manager & Product Owner, ABN AMRO

    How did onboarding with Talmundo help ABN AMRO?


    Influence of onboarding on the bigger picture

    Having a structured onboarding process in place made bank employees more productive and more engaged, inspired new hires early on, and in the end created proud brand ambassadors for the organization.


    Wouter and Veronique, together with the whole onboarding team at ABN AMRO, use Talmundo’s Pulse Checks to measure employees’ engagement and get their feedback during key onboarding moments. By asking relevant questions in a playful and timely manner, the onboarding team keeps an eye on the realtime experience of their newest employees. This guides them to continuously improve recruitment and onboarding processes and proves to be a meaningful way to stay in touch with new hires once formal onboarding has concluded.


    Benchmark before you start

    Before embarking on building a custom onboarding process, Wouter and Veronique sent out a questionnaire to their employees, creating a benchmark for further improvements.

    Admins can compare the results of this survey to the statistics available in the Talmundo platform to get a clear ‘before and after’ picture, see how to further develop their onboarding practices, and measure how their continuous effort in the onboarding process is appreciated by employees.


    Smooth sailing with a clear goal: Onboarding KPIs

    As the main goal was to provide an enriching and exciting employee experience, the onboarding team at ABN AMRO defined KPIs before putting Talmundo's solution in place. Wouter and Veronique created KPIs based on 3 key pillars: productivity, engagement and ambassadorship.

    They chose internal metrics and a range of indicators, such as whether everything is in place before the official start, the time it took managers to help out new hires, satisfaction feedback and other measurable points. New hire compliance and onboarding administration sometimes used to take more than 3 weeks to complete per new hire!


    Armed with this trackable knowledge, the team knew what exactly they wanted from the onboarding process, and what areas needed to be transformed with the help of Talmundo.

    Why Talmundo?

    Relevant experiences

    With Talmundo, Wouter and Veronique know that new hires get bite-sized relevant content exactly when they need it. Unlike other options that they have considered, Talmundo provided a 360-degree view of onboarding, allowing them to use the preboarding period in a productive way, reaching out to new employees early on.

    Space for branding

    Talmundo's solution allowed ABN AMRO to create a platform that is fully in line with their employer brand and company spirit in terms of flexible functionality, customizable modules and the overall look and feel.

    AI for HR

    Our AI-powered onboarding chatbot was another strong selling point for them. Veronique says: “The chatbot is the only one on the market that it is constantly learning what our new hires need, and continuously becoming better at providing the right answers the moment the hire asks for something”.


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    Talmundo highlights just how much onboarding impacts the employee experience overall. Its solution isn’t just another shiny new tool. It brings real value to employees in a clean and clear way.
    HR Competence Manager & Product Owner, ABN AMRO

    Fast and furious feedback

    So far, Wouter and Veronique have been getting very positive feedback about the app, with many 5-star in-app reviews. But it is the overall focus on providing a meaningful onboarding journey that brought the most praise to the onboarding team.

    The wider onboarding team has seen how content can be updated in one click and distributed to international offices automatically. With crucial new hire admin out of the way, the team can now focus on in-person initiatives like quarterly Welcome Events and networking. Talmundo is proud to be an instrumental part of ABN AMRO’s new unified onboardee journey.


    Saving time

    Not wanting to create extra internal work and bureaucracy, the onboarding team at ABN AMRO chose to work with Talmundo, as it frees up both HR and managers’ time, streamlining administrative responsibilities as much as possible.

    By ensuring a consistent delivery of relevant new hire content and keeping logistics simple, Talmundo gives people managers more time for valuable in-person activities.


    Seamless integrations

    During the implementation process, Wouter and Veronique spoke to and involved other major stakeholders within the organization, and worked together with the IT department, coming up with ways to create an even faster experience with less administrative tasks for all.

    Since Talmundo's powerful API can easily integrate with other HR and ATS software, plugging it into SuccessFactors helps ensure higher user adoption and better data security throughout the whole process.

    What do you like about working with Talmundo?


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    If you want to have a seamless onboarding process that is also connected to all your other HR systems, Talmundo is your answer.
    HR Competence Manager & Product Owner, ABN AMRO
    Make key moments in the employee journey count with Talmundo