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    Maasstad Hospital: A consistent and sustained onboarding experience for all new hires.

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    A short introduction to Maasstad Hospital_

    With a team of 3600 professionals, Maasstad Ziekenhuis in Rotterdam is serving 450.000 patients each year, while also performing key research and educating the next generation of medical professionals. From physicians to catering personnel, and interning students to long-term employees, every job function in the hospital is an important piece of the puzzle to provide full patient care and requires a tailored onboarding program to ensure an efficient, smooth process.


    Photo: Redactie Maasstadziekenhuis

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    The importance of onboarding in healthcare_

    Every month, 60-70 new employees from all different functions rotate through Maasstad’s 90-day preboarding and 270-day integration programs. This makes employee onboarding a crucial, but also complex HR challenge. And next to the hospital’s own ambitions for their onboarding journey, proper new hire practices are often also a hard requirement for international medical certifications.

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    We wanted to offer a consistent, sustained onboarding experience for all new hires, while offering relevant information to the different groups. Talmundo helped us to do this.
    Sara Akhtar - Franklin
    Sara Akhtar - Franklin
    Employer Branding, Maasstad Hospital

    Maasstad's key onboarding challenges

    Before partnering with Talmundo, the team was facing a number of key onboarding challenges, preventing their program from reaching its full potential:


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    Hard to measure

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    Every job function independently designed and executed its own practices, making it hard for HR to guarantee a good experience for every new hire. There was little to no data available on the effectiveness of the onboarding program, making it difficult to learn and improve.

    Lacking automation and structure, the time investment to perform each onboarding task was a growing pain.


    One platform to streamline the onboarding process_

    To deliver a consistent new hire experience and capture key data while minimizing the workload of everyone involved, Maasstad Ziekenhuis choose Talmundo’s full-service employee transitions platform.


    ⇒ Drip-fed content distribution now makes sure new hires make the most of the 90-day preboarding window, so they’re ready to play their role in patient care from day 1 onwards.


    ⇒ To make sure that feedback is heard, automated pulse-checks prompt new hires to share their experience at predefined moments. And that is just the start.

    Relevant, meaningful onboarding content_

    Onboarding content is great for clarity and employee engagement, but only when it is relevant. To make sure their messages reach the right audience, Maasstad uses Talmundo’s filter functionality for all platform content to create better, customized experiences. The goal is to make employees go “Yes, this is for me!”.

    Providing interns with dedicated content to make the most of their limited stay, and differentiating training opportunities for employed and flex workers are just 2 examples of how Maasstad provides relevant support with Talmundo.

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    Up next: Improving onboarding with data

    Through Talmundo’s granular reporting, the team now has access to detailed data on the performance of content, feedback from new hires, and pulse check ratings on the overall experience. With the goal of improving employee engagement, Maasstad will put these insights into practice and adjust their new hire programs to create more relevant, interactive experiences.

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