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    LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group: Creating Exceptional Onboarding

    A Short Introduction to

    LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group_

    Risk has a large portfolio of brands that provide customers with innovative technologies and services across different industries. The company has a strong sense of purpose and strives to have a positive impact on its environment, both externally and internally - placing immense value on employee experience for their more than 33,000 team members.


    With 150-200 new hires per month across all business units, putting together the onboarding puzzle was going to be a challenge. Yet, it was one they overcame with flying colors!

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    Mapping Out a Complex Onboarding Process_

    The task at hand might have been ambitious, but the objective was clear: to create an exceptional onboarding experience.

    The team defined this as a carefully crafted process that:

    1. Takes away the worry and anxiety of joining a new role and company.

    2. Gives a good impression of the organization’s Diversity and Inclusion strategy - the heartbeat of how Risk operates.

    3. Helps connect new hires to their new manager.

    4. Helps new hires become familiar with their team quickly.

    Risk paid equal attention to the preboarding phase as to the onboarding phase in order to instill excitement in joining before even officially stepping into the organization. All new hires receive an automatic email to join the platform two weeks prior to their start date.


    Essentially, Risk wanted to provide newcomers with a “Lonely Planet” travel guide for transitioning into their new role - an experience that would explain what new hires can expect to happen, including tips, welcoming information and beautiful visual content. Taking this journey idea even further, they astutely named their app “Check In” to indicate the first part of the adventure.

    Learn more about the full journey of setting up the onboarding program at Risk in a webinar held together with Charlotte Kitteridge, Change Management Lead, in March 2022.

    Partnering with Talmundo_


    Prioritizing the overall new hire experience was paramount for the Risk onboarding project team. They wanted to avoid an onboarding program that simply involved a central space to store information, which is what they saw in other solutions.

    Quotation Mark Quotation Mark Background
    The benefits we got out of this are far greater than we had imagined. We knew it would be a cool tool, but we didn’t know it was going to be as impactful as it has been.
    Charlotte Kitteridge
    Charlotte Kitteridge
    Change Management Lead, LexisNexis RSG

    Out of 11 providers they spoke with, Talmundo struck them for offering exactly what they were looking for - a tool to help them build a journey employees want to embark on, share their storytelling, create a feeling of welcomeness and be easy to use. On the practical side, it was also a platform that unlocked information pertaining to the stage of the journey the new hire was in and provided data insights. The application stood out as a strong content planner/creation tool that served as a self-led learning resource for new employees to explore at their own pace. The team was enthusiastic over the specs, care, commitment and service the team looked to receive.


    The set-up took about three months, considering the scale of the business and onboarding project. Building pages was fun and easy, the mobile access was very valuable and the admin back-end felt intuitive and like a familiar environment to users of other Human Resource (HR) tools. Overall, it was easy to get the work done collaboratively.


    “I didn’t feel overwhelmed using it in the beginning,” says Charlotte.

    Seamless Integration with Existing HR Systems_

    A major factor that got the Risk team onboard with Talmundo was the integration capability with the HR systems they already had, mainly Workday. Charlotte shares with us “it was surprisingly straightforward to connect the two.” The vital role Talmundo’s product team played in getting them set up, as providing clarity and guidance, offered comfort throughout the process.

    Despite the many different business units and different levels to the organization, all requiring their own set of filters and functions, all was broken down, worked out and easily transferred over to Talmundo with a simple code configuration.

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    Key outcomes_

    The team is keeping a close eye on the outcomes of their investment. They’re happy to report that nearly 85% of the 2,500 people they hire yearly activate the app, more than 60% of them log in more than 10 times and 30% also use the mobile version of the app. Though it is too soon to tell, the team also looks to get a good feel for how their new onboarding is impacting their retention rate down the road.

    Besides the figures provided from the tool, the team also looks for qualitative feedback. New hires say the platform was of huge help, especially in the preboarding phase, taking away a lot of the stress preceding a new job. Additionally, people are very pleased with the look and feel, as well as the general experience of using the app.

    One of the major outcomes was the time the application freed up for their HR team, as they are very happy to be using those hours now for other work.

    What's next?

    The onboarding team has grown to 60 people across 11 key businesses. Naturally, that means that the adventure doesn’t end here!

    Onboarding has a bright future at Risk, evolving and expanding into all kinds of new areas. They are working on ways to scale the onboarding process across different parts of the business. The team is also keen to build a specific onboarding experience for new line managers in the company with appropriate content. Finally, onboarding is such a big priority at Risk that they are looking to set up an “Onboarding Council,” which will oversee the use of the platform and new hires’ overall experience, adjusting and making tweaks to continue its improvement. There’s much to look forward to for the future of onboarding at Risk.

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