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    The case for experience-based vs. process-based onboarding

    The nature of work has changed. Employees are increasingly in the driver’s seat, engagement and culture have become new benchmarks for success and digitization is transforming the way employers and employees interact.

    So it goes without saying that our onboarding processes must also change to reflect this new age of business.

    More and more we are seeing companies move from a process-based (‘passive’) form of onboarding, where priority is centered on ticking administrative boxes, to experience-based (‘proactive’) onboarding, which places the focus on the candidate’s journey from the moment they sign their contract through until they are fully integrated into the company.

    How to define onboarding

    We define effective onboarding as a comprehensive, 2-way process designed to share knowledge, communicate values, build connections and manage compliance to transform new hires into confident, empowered team members and ambassadors.

    The statistics of effective onboarding

    The results speak for themselves, organizations with an effective onboarding process improve new hire retention by up to 82% and productivity by over 70%.

    And yet only 20% of companies indicated that they currently oversee a proactive onboarding journey, and more than 22% of companies have no formal onboarding process at all.

    How YOU can build an experience-based onboarding journey

    As we see it, there are two ways of providing an experience-based onboarding journey, depending on what you want to achieve:

    1 Short-term gratification. Add a module to your existing HR process that gives your new hires some basic experience-based add-ons.

    2 Long-term success. Invest in an experience-based solution that marries process and engagement for a seamless new-hire journey.

    To achieve results that will last, your company needs a best-in-show, full-service onboarding solution that provides engaging content across the entire new hire timeline, from contract signed to full integration.

    Compare & Contrast: Process vs. Experience

    How does an experience-based journey look, compared to a more traditional process-based approach.




    Talmundo Lifecycle Circle - PINK 1


    • Contract signed
    • Health & Safety forms completed
    • Welcome email sent
    • All forms digitally completed
    • Company culture & team integration content delivered to new hire
    • Check-in’s scheduled with new hire as ‘Day 1’ approaches
    • Uniform & tech ordered
    • Day 1 schedule shared
    • Short ‘non-compulsory’ training content delivered to new hire
    • FAQ pack delivered including virtual office-tour
    • All of this drip-fed throughout the entire preboarding timeline


    Talmundo Lifecycle Circle - PINK 2

    First Day

    • Welcome morning tea
    • Visual induction AKA 'Death by Powerpoint'
    • Meeting with manager
    • Office tour and coffee catch-up with ‘buddy’
    • Team meeting on existing and upcoming projects
    • Short video training with quizzes to ensure new hire is taking in the information
    • Day 1 ‘pulse check’ to see how they are feeling
    • New hire is added to all email lists and given permissions to all relevant software


    Talmundo Lifecycle Circle - PINK 2

    First Week

    • Meeting with HR on Friday to see how week 1 went
    • Uniform and tech arrive and new-hire is given their onboarding manual to take home and read
    • New hire is periodically added to software and meetings that are essential to them
    • Short video training continues with quizzes and pulse-checks to gauge comprehension and emotional state
    • Welcome drinks on Friday at the local bar
    • More scheduled buddy time to ask all-important questions


    Talmundo Lifecycle Circle - PINK 3

    First Months

    • Business as usual
    • New hires delivered timed content at 2-week intervals to ensure they are not overwhelmed with information
    • Buddy catch-ups scheduled every few weeks


    The Takeaway?

    What we can see is that an experience-based onboarding journey delivers better results for both HR and new hires. It impacts productivity, engagement and retention and, done well, can elevate you, your team and your company.

    So get to work and start developing a new hire experience you can be proud of!

    Want to know more about how Talmundo can help you reinvent your new hire journey through experience-based onboarding? Talk to one of our team.

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