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    5 employee onboarding checklists for a SEAMLESS new hire experience

    Here at Talmundo, we’ve been playing the employee onboarding game for more than 10 years, and (not to blow our own horn too much), we’ve become pretty damn good at it!

    Over the years we’ve created a ton of super-useful, new hire checklists to help HR professionals make the most of each stage of the onboarding lifecycle.

    Today, we’re pulling together 5 of our best-and-brightest to share with you in the hope that they can support renewed growth, fresh creativity, and positive new hire engagement in your own onboarding practices.

    Arrow-T-Pink #1 The remote onboarding checklist

    Remote work has exploded over the last few years. In the post-pandemic future, more and more employees would like to continue to work from home in some capacity. 

    Employers too are likely to follow this trend - so it’s safe to say that remote work (and by extension, virtual onboarding) is here to stay. According to Forbes, remote opportunities will continue to increase through 2023.

    This in-depth checklist offers points of action at each stage of the new hire lifecycle so HR can make the most of a new joiner's remote onboarding period.

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    Arrow-T-Pink #2 The new hire paperwork checklist

    New hire paperwork can be a bit of a minefield for HR - especially those on a time crunch. And it’s certainly not the most engaging of tasks. The key is to simplify the process & delivery of these documents wherever you can.

    This can take a bit of work in the short term but will pay dividends in the future saving time for HR.

    In this 1-pager checklist, you’ll find all of the standard pieces of documentation, as well as a few oft-forgotten pieces that can prevent future headaches.

    Remember, this isn’t an exhaustive list. Check your local employment regulations to ensure you’re covering all your legal bases. We’ve even left you room to add some of your own!

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    Arrow-T-Pink #3 The onboarding content checklist

    When we talk about ‘onboarding content’, we’re not referring to every single piece of documentation in the onboarding journey.

    We’re talking about information that tells a story. That inspires new hires and provides a more in-depth look at your organization in fun and interactive ways.

    The BEST content serves a purpose, triggers an emotional response, and speaks to the right audience. And the BEST content will positively impact employee retention, time-to-productivity, and engagement.

    In this checklist we offer up a range of fun ideas and engaging activities HR can use at different points in the onboarding journey to connect with new hires and provide a memorable experience.

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    Arrow-T-Pink #4 The onboarding checklist for managers

    Much of the success of any onboarding journey comes down to having engaged internal onboarding stakeholders.

    People like an onboardee’s manager, their buddy, or even their IT support contact need to be empowered and supported by HR to offer a positive, consistent new hire experience.

    And considering that ‘guidance and involvement from a manager’ is one of the biggest new hire pain points, it is especially important that direct managers get onboarding right.

    The manager’s checklist is a great way for HR to guide managers through the basics of a successful new hire experience with actions at the preboarding, induction/orientation, and integration phases.

    There’s even space for managers to add their own initiatives specific to their department or location!

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    Arrow-T-Pink #5 The offboarding checklist

    Now, I know what you’re thinking - ‘this isn’t onboarding?’ - and technically, you’d be right. However, how an employee leaves your organization can be just as important as how they entered.

    Getting offboarding wrong is a little bit like stumbling right before the finish line. You’ve poured time and resources into providing a memorable employee experience, only to ruin it all at the 11th hour, leaving a bad taste in the mouth.

    Bad offboarding practices can hurt future recruitment processes should the leaver give your organization a poor online review or simply share their bad experience with family and friends. It can contribute to a knowledge gap when vital practice and process walk out the door with your leaver without being properly documented. It can even lead to lower rates of company loyalty from remaining staff as they watch their colleague (or even friend) go through a less-than-stellar goodbye.

    Our offboarding checklist is designed to help HR get offboarding RIGHT with actions that tackle the Offboarding ABCs: Assessment, Brand, Compliance, Dignity, and Expertise.

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    QMARK Final thoughts

    The right new hire checklist can go a long way in helping HR close engagement gaps and empower their onboarding stakeholders.

    But an integrated, digital onboarding solution will transform your processes, saving time & money in the process. 

    The best digital solutions automate the tedious stuff, giving HR more resources to spend on what matters most - the human element of the new hire experience.

    So don’t wait, book a free demo of Talmundo’s world-class onboarding software today and take your first step towards digital transformation.

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