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Why doing onboarding right matters

You might already be a seasoned advocate of strategic onboarding at your organization or just starting off in the world of HR, but regardless of your experience, making new hire onboarding into a competitive advantage for your company goes beyond the needs of your newest employee's first days on the job.

What is in it for the company? Is new hire onboarding that organisational extra only the tech giants and international corporations can afford? What does having onboarding systems in place mean for your company’s ROI and what do you need to do to convince the board of the benefits you already see in welcoming new hires properly?

Answering these and many other questions, our new edition Onboarding Whitepaper brings you a comprehensive overview of onboarding business benefits, its potential for getting your company ahead of competition and increasing new hire productivity from day 1.

What's inside?

  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of your existing onboarding program and get actionable advice on accelerating it.
  • Our Onboarding ROI Calculation formula will help you support the soft power of onboarding with hard data, creating a compelling case in favor of orientation and training activities. 
  • The 4 building blocks of onboarding and our free extra materials have laid all the essential groundwork so you don't have to.
  • From the cost of replacing an employee at your company to the perfect steps towards becoming the guru of new hire welcome, the Onboarding Whitepaper brings easy tips and tools for ambitious HR pros.

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