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21 November The future of HR: 7 things you need to know for 2019

Posted at 01: 34h

in Trends & Insights

Stash those crystal balls, you won’t need them with the Talmundo team: we’re here to break down where HR is headed. We recently lent our insider..

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08 November 7 things your new hires wish you did differently

Posted at 01: 37h

in Managing People

Have you ever played Two Truths and a Lie? It’s a great team-building activity where someone says two true statements and one false statement, and the..

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31 October Your people are more tired than you think: Tactics to prevent toxic burnout today.

Posted at 01: 04h

in Trends & Insights, Managing People

You know how damaging employee burnout can be. First ebbing engagement. Then plummeting productivity. Then finally, tumultuous turnover.

Bad things. 


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17 October Why employer brand matters today more than ever.

Posted at 02: 07h

in Trends & Insights

You’ve read a lot about employer brand, of course. Like how employer brand is make-or-break to attracting, engaging and retaining the right sort of..

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08 October Let’s be honest: Transparency can transform your company

Posted at 04: 24h

in Managing People

Have you heard of radical transparency? Hint: it’s not the latest fad diet or an upcoming superhero film. Recently popularized in the business world by..

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27 September Recruit for the future: 3 skills that define superstar employees

Posted at 12: 18h

in Trends & Insights

Talent is the difference between flying and floundering. It’s the defining strength of the world’s best performing companies and the defining weakness..

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06 September Back to school: 6 important elements of HR you need to rethink now.

Posted at 02: 31h

in Managing People, Onboarding

If there’s anything we can take from the students streaming back to school this time of year, it’s that there is always more to learn. Not only as a..

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29 August Do out of office right: 8 tips to build a culture of work-life balance

Posted at 10: 43h

in Managing People, Succeeding At Work

When it comes to work-life balance, talking the talk and walking the walk are very different things. It’s not for want of trying but all too often..

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23 August 10 Scariest Parts of a New Job (and How to Conquer Them)

Posted at 01: 15h

in Succeeding At Work

Starting a new job can be incredibly nerve-wracking. From meeting coworkers and getting your new sealegs within the team to finding out how to work the..

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16 August Agile HR: What Kind of a Beast Is It and Why Does It Matter?

Posted at 10: 18h

in Trends & Insights

Agile used to be firmly ‘a tech thing’ but now it’s becoming, somewhat nervously, ‘an HR thing’.

Some of the world’s most successful businesses – like..

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