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04 January The Ideal Work Schedule for You or Your Team, According to Science

Posted at 12: 08h

in Managing People, Succeeding At Work

You do everything you can to make your working hours productive, from experimenting with time-management strategies to prioritizing job training. But..

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21 December 2018: The Future of HR Technology

Posted at 12: 55h

in Managing People

The new year is just around the corner, which means we can expect scattered flurries of 2018 trends posts for the next few months. It’s a magical time..

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14 December Win Week 1: How to Create a Mentor Program That Engages New Hires

Posted at 04: 03h

in Onboarding

No need to provide unlimited vacation time or go crazy with perks (though your workforce probably wouldn’t mind)—just help your team members cultivate..

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06 December The Complete Holiday Survival Guide for Managers & Employees

Posted at 01: 58h

in Succeeding At Work, Managing People

Whether you love it or hate it, you can’t deny that the winter holiday season affects nearly everything at the office, from the general mood to the..

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30 November A Great First Day: Everything You Need to Do Before, During & After

Posted at 12: 17h

in Succeeding At Work

Make the most of your first day and impress the socks off of your boss with this cheat sheet outlining what to do before, during, and after training..

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20 November The Rosetta Stone of Gen Z: Your Inter-Generational HR Guide

Posted at 02: 40h

in Managing People, Onboarding

In the alphabet soup of generations in the workplace—Gen X, Y (Millennials), and Z—Generation Z has received the least amount of attention. As a..

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09 November Want High Employee Satisfaction Scores from Millennials? Here’s How

Posted at 03: 08h

in Managing People, Onboarding

With millennials, employee satisfaction is as much — or more — important than money. As these 25-35 year olds are now the largest demographic in the..

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02 November Cultureboarding: Why Every Company Needs to Ride The Wave ASAP

Posted at 10: 55h

in Onboarding

Move over, “onboarding” and “culture” standing alone, there’s a new kid on the block. “Cultureboarding” is the latest word to hit the human resources..

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27 October Chatbot: The Newest Addition to Talmundo's Onboarding App

Posted at 03: 21h

in Talmundo News

With this new feature, the creators of the innovative employee onboarding app are breaking ground in machine learning and AI in HR

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26 October The Recipe For Effective Employees: Fewer Meetings, More Job Training

Posted at 01: 26h

in Managing People

If you estimated the number of hours you spend preparing for, attending, and arranging meetings every week, would you guess that these activities eat..

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