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Soothing Your New Hires' Fears Before Day One

Do you remember your first day at your current company? How about the first day at your very first job? Were you worrying about the same things then as you did this time around? Our priorities change and so do your new hires' worries and expectations as they progress in their life and careers.

You wouldn't expect a new marketing manager to have the same set of questions as your new developer, would you? So why do you put all new employees through the same kind of orientation activities and a one-fits-all onboarding program? 

Presenting day-care and pension benefit details to your newest intern might be a little irrelevant; and your recently hired Sales Director is probably equally uninterested in learning the ins- and outs of what technologies and programming languages your latest product updates are coded in on Day 1.

While recognizing individual requests of every new hire might require an in-house fortune-teller, you don't need to read people's minds to distinguish between different new hire profiles in your approach. With just a little extra effort you can make their onboarding as relevant and effective as it can be.

With a personalized onboarding process, every newbie will feel at home in your organization. To help you streamline the process, we've put together a list of Newbie Profiles you have probably met before. Please join us in welcoming:

  • Recent Grad Greg,
  • Experienced Hire Dexter,
  • Intern Izzy,
  • COE Charlotte,
  • International Transfer Tom,
  • Serial Start-Upper Stefan and
  • Techy Tavi!

Download our free Newbie Profiles and FAQs Manual to find out what each of these individuals worries about. With lists of Frequently Asked questions, pet peeves, and ways to make them feel truly loved, our manual will help you get into your new hires' heads and create a memorable and effective onboarding process for all your new employees.


Do you recognize some of these new hire types at your company?


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